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vegnetworkheader1.jpgVeg NetworkDo you have health issues such as high cholesterol, fatigue, high blood pressure, or being overweight and unfit? Do you find it difficult to get, or keep motivated, stick to diets, and keep off excess fat once you’ve lost it? Are you interested in lifestyle and diet tips to help improve your health, boost your energy levels, and lose weight? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Veg Network is a place for people who want to find out how a healthy, whole-food plant-based diet and lifestyle can help turn back the clock to a lighter, brighter, happier you!

A healthy plant-based diet is not about fads that cut out whole food groups, or condemn you to eating only juices, shakes or protein bars all day. It’s about real food based on the healthiest that mother nature can provide. Food that, frankly, we should all eat more of: fresh vegetables, fruit, beans, legumes, whole-grains, and a little nuts/seeds. Unprocessed foods that are at, or close to, their natural state; high in nutrients and low in calories, fat, salt and sugar. Foods that are naturally packed with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fibre.

This is not a diet where you consume mainly liquid instead of solid food; count calories obsessively, or skip meals. You should never starve yourself – in fact, quite the contrary – you should eat your fill of life-sustaining whole plant foods that are proven, in countless clinical trials, to help people combat illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and lose those stubborn extra pounds.

You don’t have to do it ‘all-or-nothing’ either. The goal is not dietary perfection, even if such a thing existed. The goal is for you to transition to eating habits that can improve your health, increase your vitality, and help you slim down to a normal, healthy, sustainable weight. Healthy habits you can maintain for the long-term. This is not eating as a penance, or sacrifice, to be avoided as soon as a weight loss goal is achieved. This is eating for life!

I am not a doctor or dietitian, but I have researched and implemented for my own benefit many proven plant-based diet guidelines. I can pass on the knowledge, wisdom and sound clinical practice of leading medical experts on plant-based diet and nutrition, and show you how fun and easy it can be to achieve a healthier, happier you!

Tom Perry


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